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VOL 1 - Motorcycling Through Europe

            Motorcycle travel provides a unique and challenging mode of exploration. Roads are for Journeys – Motorcycling through Europe takes you on a three-month journey through 17 Countries beginning and ending in Boulder, Colorado. Join Kayla and Charlie on their European adventure through their colorful knack for story telling accompanied with over 150 photos.

            This book is the first in a series created to share the couple’s travels and moto adventures. Charlie Weisel has been writing a column for Cycle Source magazine and Thunder Press for the past few years and is excited to be able to share his stories on his own platform. He has ridden his fully rigid long chopper through 18 countries, all of the lower 48 states, as well as road a Royal Enfield through India. He has muscled through nine 1000-miles under 24 hours rides earning his “Iron Butt”. His love for two wheels started in his cycling days and has been his sanity through the years.

            Kayla had ridden alongside him on these endeavors with her Dyna through 18 countries, soon to knock off all 48, as well as ridden the most dangerous road in the world in India on a Himalayan. Her custom hardtail chopper was just recently finished and she is itching to get that girl on the road. Although this is the 4th book she has released it is the first book where she partakes predominantly as a writer of short stories. Kayla is an illustrator, artist and custom painter by trade, so this book gave her the opportunity to share her tales with the written word. 

            Much of their time is spent traveling on motorcycles, but you can find them heading into the mountains with backpacks and exploring the world by foot. Thank you for joining the adventure and look forward to seeing you on the road!

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