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A New Endeavor

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

A while back, maybe a couple of years ago, I wrote a story about how NOT to train for a half marathon. In that story I chronicled all of the mistakes I made, primarily pushing to hard and to fast, and the resulting injury to my hip that occurred. Ultimately it lead to me hanging up my running shoes until about six months ago. The injury was that bad. I’ve learned a few things since then, thanks to the power of Google, and like I said, started this whole exercise thing again about six months ago. Now, like every proper addict, I don’t tend to do things half way as you may have noticed in my motorcycling. Go big or go home is more then just a catchy slogan for people like us, its rule number 1 in life’s playbook. This pull back into thinking I’m an athlete resurged when my wife decided she wanted to tackle a half Ironman a few months back and asked if I would do it with her, reluctantly I agreed as I was fully aware that this particular event, in Galveston, Texas, included an open water swim in shark infested waters….ok, that part isn’t true but it was an open water swim in a bay. In my mind, no matter what anyone told me, I would surely be hunted by a rabid Great White (can sharks get rabies?). They prey on the weak and I definitely resembled an injured Seal in the water. This story, however, isn’t about my journey and rise to triathlon mediocrity, it is about how my training for this particular event introduced me to the world of trail running.

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