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East Bound and Down

It's been a minute since I checked in here and my mom reminded me that I needed to share an update, which she, and I hate to admit this, is right about. I left off somewhere in Nevada, or maybe it was Arizona. Either way, it was a long way West of where I am now which is in Murphy, North Carolina. As per usual I have traversed across this wide country on the smallest and most pituresque roads I can find, but not without a couple of stopovers. I swung back through Payson, Arizona to take care of some motorcycle maintenance needs such as a new rear tire and wheel bearings. An oil change was also on the list so I went ahead and knocked that out along with a quick check of all the nuts and bolts to make sure nothing was about to fall off. Once everything was installed and checked I decided that hitting the open road again was the only reasonable thing to do.

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