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The Maasai – A life in the Pastures

            A Red silhouette moves along the Tanzanian horizon holding a stick across their shoulders looking over their heard grazing on lush green abundance. Normally this time of year the land has turned brown, but the weather patterns are changing, and unseasonal rains has brought its blessings. I look on with curiosity and wonder. Some wave back at me with a full and friendly smile, while other’s hide from the camera lens. Pictures come with a price, and I don’t blame them for protecting their tourism income. This simple, yet unimaginably difficult, way of life has intrigued me for some time although I’ve never truly dug into what they are about. I was excited to be going to a village to get a bit more of the picture from the people who live it.

Maasai male in the field, Tanzania
Maasai Near Ngorongoro Crater by Kayla Koeune

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