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Of Short Epic Proportions

​If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, not all journeys and adventures have to be of massive and epic proportions. Not all adventures have to involve traveling great distances to remote and foreign places and not all adventures will leave you with the worlds best story, sometimes they just are what they are. However, sometimes they are just what the soul was looking for weather you knew you needed it or not. Rarely do I find even the smallest of excursions to be completely devoid of something interesting. Many of my best memories come from short weekend trips with a close friend or even a solo day ride to nowhere in particular or noteworthy, maybe it was nothing more then a particular stretch of curvaceous tarmac, a mortared out section of dirt and loose sand or meeting a flamboyant character at a gas station. Maybe it was something as benign as a memorable odor in the air. The point is that adventures come in all shapes and sizes and they should all be appreciated for what they are. A prime example of this unfolded two weeks ago during a quick two day motorcycle trip with a good friend of mine and fellow outdoor enthusiast, Andrew.

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