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A Time for Change, Rebuilding the Chopper

There has been an astounding amount of thought put into whether or not I should tear my motorcycle apart and give it a new lease on life, more thought then a person should ever put into a motorcycle I think.  There has also been a lot of outside input on the topic as well, so much so that I’ve actually been a bit taken by surprise at how passionate some people feel about this. I get it though, I have strong opinions about things that are relatively unimportant as well.  Many have said I shouldn’t touch it, just do the necessary maintenance and keep riding it like it is. They say that the dirt, the grime, the dents and dings are what make it unique and special.  Other people have said I should tear it down, repaint it and give it a fresh new start.  These people say the bike needs some love and attention or else it will leave me stranded. Both sides have a valid argument which is what made my decision so difficult.  If you have been following my social media account at all then you know I chose to do the latter.  It isn’t because I don’t agree with the logic behind preserving the history of the bike, I really do, but I also understand that machines require maintenance to continue functioning.  Believe me when I tell you that I did not take this decision lightly or make it swiftly.  There is a reason why It took me until mid January to get this project started instead of getting it going back in the fall, which would have made a lot more sense.  I was dragging my feet because I couldn’t decide the right move.  I admit that I’m not great at making decisions like this, I’ll stress about them for months debating every possible outcome of my decision until finally a decision has to be made.

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