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Sand Hills to the Great Lakes

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Back in 1983 a young man by the name of Andy Goldfine started a business by the name of Aerostich. Since then he has been manufacturing, in house and by hand, some of the finest and most functional motorcycle clothing available. Obviously I am, and have been for a long time, a fan of his product so when he asked me to visit his facility in Duluth, Minnesota and give a little presentation I jumped on the opportunity. Well, kind of. I really wanted to go but somewhat cringed at the thought of crossing the Great Plains in the middle of the summer. Historically it leads to varying degrees miserable. Either its hot and windy or its very hot and very windy. This go around however, and I should knock on wood right about now because I’m not actually home yet, has been quite the opposite. The temperatures have been hovering around perfect, the wind has been light and the recent heavy rains have left everything green and flowery. Much of the ride has resembled the cover of a Great Plains and Quilts Magazine, if that’s a thing.

Harley chopper, Harley Davidson, Great Plains

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