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Thailand - A Quick Tour

A few years back my best friend and I took a two week trip to Thailand, and needless to say this country offers entertainment for all types of people. Meghan and I, being people who like to try it all, found ourselves in all sorts of situations, both amazing, unbelievable, and we were told by local even life threatening. We did a loop of travel from Bangkok to Phuket and back. Meghans mom met us out there and she was amazing enough to surprise us with round trip plane tickets. Now I didn't join them on the plain ride down. Not something I regret but something I have always felt pretty badly about. I have a love of trains, so like a stubborn fool, I took the train down. Trust me I know a good person would have just gotten on the plane when someone is amazing enough to do something nice fore you, but when you have an obsession sometimes you just need to follow your heart. The train ride was everything I hoped it would be. Dark, eerie, crowded and chaotic with the pulse of the people running though it. My car was the size a shoe box with one other woman who spoke no English and I spoke no Thai. What were did have in common was an appreciation for the beauty out the window. We would point, touch each others arms, and smile and nod knowing we were thinking the same thing. We both could tell we wanted to ask each other question but it was a warm experience regardless. I returned to Bangkok with my travel partners on the plane but I still own Meghan's mom for the amazing gesture.

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