The Weekend ride that hasn’t Ended

Sometimes adventures build themselves. With only a few months till I deploy with army for an extended period of time, this summer has quickly become a “Choose your own Adventure” as the days unfold. We left on our choppers for a weekend, and about half way through the weekend I was like fork it... lets make a loop and head east toward Wisconsin. Although not as prepared as I am accustomed to be when leaving home for a long trip I decided I had enough to not return home.

I’m sitting here in Muscatine, IA on day 17 of a 6 day trip contemplating the different modes of moto travel as it pertains to group size. Although I definitely have a preference both group and solo travel definitely have their perks. Also something to note the last stretch of road damn near rattled my brains out of my skull so I apologize that this is not my most profound piece of writing, I’m fairly certain the road broke my brain.

We started the trip on June 26th with 5 from our home in Colorado, which grew to 9 by the time we crossed into Wyoming. When we got to our hotel in Thermopolis on the first night our group was up to roughly 25 motorcycles, and most of them beautifully janky choppers. The sound from all those motorcycles as the tear through the country side is enough to give someone goosebumps and fill you with the excitement that you and your favorite poeple have become one large rumbling beast. Rolling in formation you all start anticipating each others moves, watching for dangers in the road, and keeping an eye on each other’s bikes for things that might be malfuntioning or about to fall off.

I’m not going to lie my shoelaces almost killed me.... one because it came untied... and two because while weasel was trying to alert me that my open primary was trying to eat said laces... I happened to be in a curve and looking down at those dame laces while I tried to tuck them in my boot....well I gave everyone behind me a heart attack as I decided to do a balancing act on a low shoulder... Im confident that this was not one of my most graceful moves. When I looked up from boot and saw how close I was to the edge of a narrow road I may have pooped myself a little. My only thoughts were throttle and what to do if I dont get the bike down in time. It is funny that even though everything is happening fast how time can slow down simultaneously. Im sitting here writing so was able to keep the bike on the road, and with my danger laces now safely tucked we continued down the road.

The group did not get through the weekend completely unscathed... Jefe took a bird to the face and a can of bug spray launched from Pinky’s pack brushing past Bone’s face on the an annoyingly rough road near ten sleep Wyoming.

I always like to be in the back of the pack for a few reasons. Firstly it looks amazing to see all those bikes together, keep track of those that had to pull off for different reasons, and mostly because you relax a little from the tight formations. I like to ride in the center sometimes but keeping your distance and staying in place can get a little mind numbing for me.

For the past 12 or so days it has been just me and Charlie and I must say there is a freedom to 2 people. We can take distance from each other on the road in order to freely Tetris around rough places on the road, these rough spots you often take to the ass when riding with a big group of people. When we stop for coffee or a meal and we aren’t overwhelming roadside staffs, so we are able to sit and relax for a little bit and get our food in a timely manner. There is less debating on routes or where we are going as we are able to point the motorcycles in a direction and stop when one of us feels like stopping.

As I debate the pros and cons; although I definitely prefer to travel on the road with maybe one other person, I definitely love and prefer having all these wonderful people around at the end of the day; making some wonderful memories. What a wonderful world it would be if we could all quit our jobs and travel endlessly to share good food and laughter.

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