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The Worlds Church

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Religion and spirituality come in many forms and over centuries these dedicated individuals to there faith have fought and argued over which teaching is the best. Wars have been waged, people have died and practitioners have been ostracized from communities over nothing more then not sharing a belief system. But through all of this anger, hatred and judgement lies one common theme, the search for meaning in ones life and the idea that if we live a certain way that we will be rewarded after death. Most religious practices teach about loving thy neighbor, helping others in need and living a virtuous life. All to often, unfortunately, the teachings are only practiced on others who feel the same way. “ If you don’t believe what I believe then I have the right to look down my nose at you” is a standard met in most common religions more often then not. The irony of this is what pushes most people away from organized religion and into other veins of spirituality, because spirituality is really what we are talking about. The idea that there is something bigger then us that we can not and will not ever see. The idea that if we do good for others we will at some point have good done to us. It’s a reward system, no different then doing a good job at work in the hopes of getting a bonus. Further more, nearly all of these teachings and faiths are based around ancient books that may or may not hold any truth at all. The countless interpretations of these books send people down just as many different paths and towards equally as many endings. There are people, however, who don’t find spirituality in the pages of a dusty book. They find spirituality through meditation, by looking inward. They find it in the woods by connecting to the earth. They find it in a handshake with a stranger or by dropping a quarter into a homeless persons mug. We, as motorcyclists tend to find our spiritual path out on the open road.

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