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What's it All About Anyway?

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

I mean really, what is it all about? This traveling stuff. What drives us to step out from the comfort of our own home, leave behind that cozy fireplace, that recliner chair and fridge full of leftovers to go on some sort of modern day walk about. It's many things I suppose and different for each of us, the reason may even change over time as it often does in my case. I found myself reflecting on this heavy topic today while jamming blury eyed down the Interstate for nearly 400 miles, an uncharacteristic departure from my typical two lane sauntering but my tactic deployed to avoid snow covered roads and winter weather. What struck me was the number of people I have seen and met along the 9800 miles of road I have traveled in the last 8 weeks. Many of the faces I knew from past trips, some were old friends, some family and even some who were complete strangers other then online interactions. This is just the list of people who were gracious enough to open there homes to me so that I had a comfortable place to lay my head at night. This list doesn't even begin to include the countless number of people I have met on the side of the road, at gas stations, restaurants and hotels. The people who have reached out over social media, literally from all over the world, offering me a place to crash, a warm meal, hot shower or a shop to work in. Many of you I have yet to meet but I look forward to the day we shake hands for the first time.

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