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Winter Opportunities

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Mounds of powdery white snow lay windswept against my garage door, an icy barrier between motorcycle and the open road. Blustery winds sweep off the mountains as the winter sun moves hastily from East to West, hung low in the southern sky it brings the return of darkness at about the time our eyes have just begun adjusting to the daylight. The dark days of winter have arrived with a vengeance this year, and with it, stripping away all desire to work on my motorcycle in the ice box I call my garage. The work must be completed however, and soon, as the Cycle Showcase is just around the corner and I have committed myself to being there. Winter motorcycle shows are a blessing and curse in my opinion. They provide a great excuse to go somewhere and see your pals, but if you are like me and prefer to ride to them then you need to be prepared for an adventure. Anytime you leave home on a motorcycle between the months of October and March you had best be prepared for some pretty harsh conditions. You readers in the southern states can probably disregard that and continue to rub your sunshine and warm temperatures in our faces. No problem.

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