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48 States in10 Days Moto Challenge

Challenges, for some people, are the breath of life. Always pushing to do something beyond themselves. Sometimes to see if your capable, sometimes to expand that notion of what you are able to do, and sometimes just plainly because it sounds fun. Throughout my life I have gravitated toward pushing my abilities as a human, and as a result I find myself seeking out others on the same path. As I was trolling my social media last week-ish when I came across a woman I follow and learned she did something pretty amazing. She road through 48 states in just 9 days, my husband had done it over a summer, but 9 days just seemed insane to me. I had never heard of the 48 in 10 challenge, much less knew it was something people sought out to do since the 80s, until till I started asking Whitney Meza (@whitmeza on the instagram) questions about what inspired her to take on this trial.

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