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Chillin in Czechia

I am now 20,067.4 miles into this motorcycle trip according to my Garmin GPS, that’s a lot of miles in one go. Within those miles I have traversed 19 American states and 10 countries. One of those countries was a new destination for me, the Czech Republic. Reaching the Czech Republic, or Czechia, was exciting for me, partially because I had never been there and partially because it's one of those places that I haven’t really done any research on, I do that sometimes. I really enjoy picking a point on the map and doing zero research on it so that I am truly seeing it for the first time when I get there. Google can often be a big “spoiler alert” if you aren’t careful, it can also give you the wrong impression of a place. That wrong impression can go both ways, you find yourself far more impressed with a destination then you had anticipated or you learn that there must’ve been a very skilled photographer on hand to make a mediocre place look considerably better than it actually is. But, that’s for you to decide because one mans trash is another mans treasure.

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