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Interrogations to Siberia

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

I don’t hardly even know where to start this article, so much has happened since my last writing. When I last checked in I was sitting in Tbilisi, Georgia scratching my head trying like crazy to find a way into Russia. As it turns out, all that head scratching proved to be helpful and after only my second attempt at the nerve wrecking border crossing I was granted entry, not before a lengthy interrogation in a small uncomfortable room however. It was one of those situations where about half way through the questioning I was seriously considering just telling the interrogator that I had changed my mind and would return to Georgia. It was that intimidating. I decided however that doing that would make me look guilty of something so I opted to continue answering the questions as best I could while trying to hide the sweat now collecting on my brow. After a couple of hours of this the gentleman behind the desk quickly stood up and told me I was free to go. I of course had to clarify…good to go into Russia or good to go back to Georgia? He told me I was clear to enter Russia. I quietly jumped for joy.

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