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Solo But Never Alone

There’s a lot to be said for Italy, it’s one of those countries that when people hear the name they are often filled with visions of ancient villages, vineyards, pasta and majestic coastlines lined with brightly colored houses. It is in my experience that these perceptions of a place are not fabricated out of thin air, they come from at least a shred of truth and with Italy, your perceptions are correct. I’ve spent more time in this majestic country than any other so far on this voyage and it isn’t by accident. For me it is the old stone built towns, narrow twisty roads and vineyards throughout Tuscany that really draw me in and wrap me in a blanket of comfort and content. There’s just something to be said about meandering your way through the steep hills covered with grapevines, wild flowers and the inevitable castle in the distance. It seems there is a castle around nearly every corner which of course has me questioning if castles were really as cool back in the day as we think, or were they just the McMansion of its time…nah, I think they really were as cool then as they are now. I’m getting sidetracked I know, which is easy to do in a country like Italy. There you are just zipping down the road, your head on a swivel because there’s so much to look at and the next thing you know you are stuffing your face with pastries and pizza in a building that was built before the United States was even a country. That’s a pretty cool thought and that’s how old this country is. I should also note at this time that if I do get sidetracked throughout this article it is only because of the painfully festive music I am being forced to listen to while trying to type this article while sitting at the campsite bar in Slovenia, even the owners wife disapproves but apparently on Sundays the music is his choice, and he has not chosen well. But anyway, the point of this article is to tell you about my experience in Italy, so let's get back to that.

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